Jem commonly undertakes Building surveys and reports clients in respect of domestic and commercial premises.

A range of building surveys can be offered including pre-purchase surveys for homebuyers. A survey is an expert inspection of the property’s condition and identifies any problems to a prospective buyer. A report is compiled after Jem has visited the property.

Homebuyers generally have a survey done on the property after their offer has been accepted by the seller. There are a range of survey levels which can be undertaken and these include the following:-

A Condition Report

This is the most basic type of survey which gives an overview of the property’s condition and highlights significant issues without going into detail. The condition report is suitable for persons looking to buy a standard common / modern property that is in good condition and to confirm that everything looks okay.

The report illustrates the condition of different parts of the property to enable persons to find out if there are any serious defects that need to be fixed immediately or anything that might affect the safety of the property.

A Homebuyer’s Report

This is the most popular type of survey and the standard choice of survey for most properties in a reasonable condition.  A homebuyer’s report looks at everything that would be covered in a condition report with extra items. Homebuyer’s report lists any problems that might affect the property’s value with advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance.

It will also highlight any problems such as damp and subsidence and point out anything that doesn’t meet current Building Regulations. The inspection is thorough but non-intrusive and only surface level issues can be identified. The report will include comment to the effect that “the survey only covers those items clearly visible at the time of inspection and no comment is being made on any concealed structure or fabric”.

A Full Structural Report

This is the most comprehensive survey you can get and provides a detailed analysis on both the property structure and condition. This is a good option if someone is buying a property that over 50 years old, of unusual design or in poor condition.

It can also be worthwhile if someone is planning to do significant work or where they have major concerns about the property. It is usually only undertaken on houses and flats. Jem will be hands-on in his approach and do things like check the attic and look under floorboards. The report will list any defects and advise on any repairs and maintenance.

Jem can also advise on projected costs and timings any repair work recommended in the report.

Building Surveys and reports

Building Survey Fees

The cost of survey will vary depending on the nature of the report required, property location and type of construction. Jem’s fees are widely recognised as being amongst the most competitive in the current marketplace for input at the highest professional level.

Jem’s fee for Condition surveys and reports is generally between £300 and £400 plus VAT, the Homebuyer’s report between £400 and £500 plus VAT and the Full Building survey and report between £500 and £600 plus VAT. Jem will always provide a fixed price quotation for his works when approached by prospective clients.

Surveys of this nature are extremely important as it is better to be aware of any problems before buying a property so that you can make an informed decision about how much you are willing to pay for it and, if necessary, budget for any repair work that needs doing. Prospective purchasers may also be able to use information from the report to negotiate with the seller.