With over four decades spent working in the construction industry at all levels, Jem has an excellent understanding of all things building and is widely recognised as being a national authority on building related matters.

Jem is regularly approached to undertake after-dinner and motivational speaking about his experiences in the construction industry from boy to man. Jem’s father was an extremely skilled Carpenter and Joiner who worked on a number of building projects throughout the South of England and Jem’s experience in construction therefore started at a very early age with him often helping his Dad with the projects he was working on.

Jem has written extensively about his experiences in construction and his “Builders Nipper” blog is becoming increasingly popular both within the industry and to the public at large. Jem is able to recall his earliest memories helping his Dad through to his present-day work as a Chartered Building Engineer. There have been many funny stories along the way throughout Jem’s journey in construction and these are humorously referred to in his blog and in his after-dinner speeches.

Decades of Experience

Jem has also worked through a period of great change in the construction industry and has personally experienced the bad as well as the good times. The way he has stoically worked through the times when things have not been quite a good is an example to all and often warmly received in the motivational talks Jem does to industry personnel both young and old.

Jem is able to tailor his speaking to specific groups and situations and can do PowerPoint assisted talks lasting anything from 30 to 90 minutes.

Jem’s work has involved working in a number of areas within the industry including his earliest days working on site as an Apprentice Carpenter and joiner and then through his training and career experience to the point where he entered local government as a Building Inspector in the 1980s.

Jem worked for a number of local authorities as a Building Control Officer across the south and was able to progress steadily in his career gaining additional professional qualifications along the way.

Jem firstly undertook City and Guilds craft and advanced draft studies as a Carpenter and joiner and then progressed through ONC and HNC in building studies to the point where he undertook professional qualifications to become a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers, the highest rank within that professional organisation.

After Dinner & Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speeches

His years of experience in construction have given Jem a broad knowledge of the industry and the people working in it and he speaks with understanding, humour and humility in every presentation he undertakes.

There have been a number of significant milestones along Jem’s journey which have taken him into other peripheral activities including being a Governor of the Technical College he initially attended as an apprentice in 1976 and the point where he became Freeman of the City of London in 2012.

Jem’s extra-curricular activities include being a lifelong supporter of Southampton Football Club and a rock music fanatic. Jem has even played in rock band as a drummer on occasions!!

It is fair to say Jem’s life experience has been varied and interesting and this is something he relays eloquently in the motivational talks and after-dinner speaking he undertakes.

Jem often talks to college students and young persons entering the construction industry free of charge as he sees it is his way of putting a little bit back into the industry which has served him so well for many years. There are charges associated with Jem’s motivational talks and after-dinner speaking and fixed price will be given to anybody  enquiring regarding his services.